A Spiritual Connection with Wolves

Do you have a deep spiritual connection with wolves and the wild animals around you? Are you aware of their profound energy and the messages they have to help you live a more fulfilled life?

Imagine for a moment…you are snowshoeing in minus sixty below, the wind is still and your eyelashes are freezing together from the condensation of your breath from your facemask.

You wonder, “Why am I putting myself through this.”  “What is the purpose?” “Is there a life lesson?” “It is part of the job being a wolf biologist?”

This was me, my friends….

When I was snow tracking wolves in the wilds of Minnesota, this type of weather pattern and my thoughts were common.

BUT!!!  It was an intensely magical time.

Not only because I was studying an animal I loved, but I was alone without humans with only the wild animals to keep me company physically and spiritually.

During my time as a wolf biologist, I was also coming into my own as an animal communicator because of my spiritual connection with wolves.

Being an animal communicator wasn’t something I was planning to do, but the wolves had something else in mind for me.

My deep spiritual connection with wolves

Spending countless hours reading the stories of wolves in the snow I learned not only the science of their existence but also who I was as a woman.

One cannot help to listen to the spiritual connection with wolves when it is given as a gift from the wolves themselves. I watched them travel on the frozen lakes, touched them in captivity and the field, and smelled their scent when I was in their territories. With much practice, I got to know the various family members by the pitch of their howl. The pups were adorable.

My time spent with the stories of wolves (both physically and intuitively) taught me to slow down my mind clutter and listen to the rhythm of the earth and the animals that share this planet with us!

My friends, we are living in a time where it is critical that we dig deep into understanding the role that our animals have for us. When you discover a spiritual connection with wolves or any other wild animal, your life will change.

Wild animals have great messages for YOU! Discover Yours!

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Spiritual Connection with Wolves

Wendy Van de Poll, helps folks discover their Animal Spirit Teams by inviting a unique and powerful bond. She is a best-selling and award-winning author. All her books have something to do with animals. Wendy has been chased by a black bear, hissed at by a bobcat, and followed by wolves in minus 60-degree weather.  You can find her books on Amazon and if you would like to hear what your animal has to tell you please contact her for an Animal Communication session.

***the picture of Wendy on the left is a rescued wolf-hybrid that she helped rehabilitate.

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