Pets For Holiday Gifts

Pets for Holiday Gifts? Let’s Talk!

The holiday season is here!  And you may be inspired to do something really different for a holiday gift! Hmmmmm….maybe a puppy that you saw or that awesome cat that needed to be rescued from your local humane society.

Before you go any further and perhaps make someone’s life miserable…Stop right there!  and explore some of the reasons why Pets for Holiday Gifts is not a great idea.

No worries though…I promise I will give you some awesome solutions as well!

As you know the holiday season can be absolutely crazy with running around to get everything done, cooking for lots of people and getting ready for the family. That takes a lot of focus and attention. Surprising someone with a pet that they didn’t choose or have a say is not a good idea.

Here are 5 reasons why Pets for Holiday Gifts may not be the best idea…

  1. As you know the holidays are a very busy and stressful time and trying to help a puppy, cat or another animal adjust to a new home in the midst of holiday chaos will be almost impossible. 
  2. Holidays often bring people together. With the comings and goings, this new pet could potentially escape out the door and get hurt. 
  3. Christmas trees and other holiday decorations are tempting “toys” for puppies and cats. They could get hurt if someone is not watching. 
  4. Everyone in the family will not have had a chance to sit down and talk about rules for training the puppy or other pet.  It is very important that everyone agrees who will train, feed, clean, walk and take care of the new pet before arrival. 
  5. Having a new pet in the house takes a lot of work, commitment, and adjustment. 

Yet…if you really have your heart set on giving someone a roly-poly puppy or an antic-filled kitten as a gift for the holidays here are some excellent solutions for you to consider before choosing Pets for Holiday Gifts.

Five Things to Consider if Your Heart is Set…

  1. First, if the new pet is for a child discuss the idea of giving a pet with the adults in the household, and both are in agreement that they want to welcome a new member to the family, that will be there for the next 10 to 15 years. 
  2. Purchase a pet carrier, or pet crate, toys, all of the supplies needed for this new pet so that the family is ready for this new arrival and give that for the holidays instead of a pet. 
  3. If this is for a child include a picture of new pet; wrap and give it to them for the holidays. Explain that new pet will be coming soon. 
  4. Since our pets are such a personal choice it is important that the person has a say in what they want. 
  5. Waiting for the new puppy, kitten or other pet to arrive after the holidays gives people something to look forward to and a ton more time to devote to the care.

These are a few tips and solutions to consider before deciding to get a pet for someone else before the holidays. Please do not make a rushed decision and provide your child, friend, family member, or partner with pets for holiday gifts that they might not want and you’ll later regret.

Wendy Van de Poll

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a best-selling and award-winning author. All her books have something to do with animals. Wendy has been chased by a black bear, hissed at by a bobcat, and followed by wolves in minus 60-degree weather. You can find her books on Amazon and if you would like to hear what your animal has to tell you please contact her for an Animal Communication session.

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