Listen To Your Intuition~7 Reasons Why It’s Important

Is it difficult for you to listen to your intuition? How many times do you feel like you made the wrong decision by not listening to your intuition? Have you ever had a gut feeling about something but chose not to listen? Or have you ever criticized yourself over and over again because you didn’t make the best choice for you and feel bad about yourself?

Not to worry…these experiences are just part of being human and when you listen to your intuition it becomes easier! Yet, what is really wonderful about these experiences is that they can be considered a wake-up call for you to find your intuitive path.

It might take a little time to work these experiences out in your life but when you do you will find that your intuition is what drives you to the place of feeling calm, centered and alive. What could be better than that?

And that is not all…you will begin to trust your intuition you stop making the same wrong decisions over and over again, stop over criticize yourself, stop choosing terrible friends that wear you down and stop feeling hopeless, blocked and depressed!

Why is this so important to learn how to find your intuitive path? There are so many reasons and much more than the 7 that I am sharing with you. Just know that an abundant, happy and centered life is available to everyone, including you!

Listen To Your Intuition ~ 7 Reasons Why It’s Important!

Your intuition can help you….

  1. Make better decisions!
  2. Manage stress, anxiety!
  3. Feel more in control!
  4. Have a strong sense of self-esteem!
  5. Be kind to yourself!
  6. Choose your friends more wisely!
  7. Choose mindful eating over over-eating!

So here is the thing, rather than having stress, anxiety, self-doubt and more rule your life. Try and change the relationship that you have with your stress! Stop it from being in control of you and learn how to take control of it!

You can then begin to make that shift from fear, stress, suffering and over-abundant mind clutter to a place of peace and full brilliance in your life. You can make these challenges work for you in a positive way.

Now… after knowing why it is important to listen to your intuition you can mindfully look at the challenges in your life as teachers instead of crazy roadblocks! Don’t wait…take the leap now so you can reach your full potential, develop your intuition and live a happy and brilliant life!

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL has been coaching people from all over the world to listen to their intuition for over two decades. She loves seeing the light when people discover who their Spiritual BFF’s are for the first time. In real life, she has run with wolves in Minnesota, Coyotes in Massachusetts, and Foxes in her backyard. Please contact her to learn more about your Spirit Team Discovery.

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