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Adventures Ms Addie Pants New Friends

The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants  New Friends

The third book in The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants is New Friends.

Follow Addie as she finally comes home to meet her new friends and finds out that friendship is forever. But Addie keeps making the biggest of the biggest blunders. Does Addie still get to keep her new friends?

Find out in The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants ~ New Friends.

“Young kids would like this book because it’s full of adventure and excitement. I love it!”

Brook C. Age 9
The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants is a fun filled booked packed with emotion , compassion and love! Once you engage in the love Addie has to bring to the world and the deep conncetion between her and Annie,it is a book you will share with your kids over and over again!!”
Kim Grace, Holistic Family Healer

“Wendy so delicately touches upon the ever-lasting love that occurs when a family adopts a pet. Her honest and caring story will touch the hearts of many readers, big and small. It’s a great description of the journey a rescue pet takes before finally arrives at it’s forever home.”

Heather Hoag, M. Ed. Elementary Teacher'

“A charming story that shows how an act of kindness towards animals, can create a lasting friendship. Wendy’s story teaches children that they can make a difference in what they choose to do. The illustrations are bright, colorful and expressive, perfect for a children’s book!”

Sharon G. , Children's Librarian
Wendy Van de Poll
Wendy Van de PollAbout The Author
Wendy “Ann” Van de Poll has rescued puppies and all kinds of animals since she was 5-years old. She is a bestselling and award-winning author, speaker and pet loss grief specialist. Wendy has run with the wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts, and foxes in her backyard. This is her third children’s book.
Danilo Krlovic-Kontrazen
Danilo Krlovic-Kontrazen About The Illustrator
Danilo Krlovic-Kontrazen is an illustrator and writer, although he got both of his college degrees in areas that have little to do with both (Law and Security and Diplomacy.) He was born in 1986 in Belgrade and believes in love. His art derives from his motto: If you can’t make someone smile, you should make him laugh.

The Adventures of Ms. Addie Pants

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